Aircraft Hire and Business Charter |

Anyone with travel commitments would appreciate a customised travel service. If you want to open up new opportunities to do business the clever way, visit more customers in less time by having an affordable aircraft available to you, consider air charter.

Flying by Corporate (private) jet is the way to do business in today’s fast moving world.

Private jet hire means exactly that, a private aircraft all to yourself, but with room for a few colleagues too! You may need to divert on the way to another meeting. With the pilot’s agreement, in just a few minutes he can divert, set the aircraft to go anywhere you want. You couldn’t do that in a scheduled flight!

Leave on time, Get There on Time.

Air charter

Unlike scheduled flights, which are set up for the convenience of the airlines, air charter companies will operate at your convenience, get you to more meetings, more conveniently, in more cities, and still be home for an evening meal with your family. Air charter takes the stress out of business travel in a reliable, safe, modern aircraft in comfort. The most expensive cost factor in business is time wasted! The option of executive jet charter, air taxis, flying in a light aircraft for an hour or so, in contrast to five hours on the road, has obvious appeal.

You will arrive stress free and fresh for your meeting. The aircraft will be at your disposal ready to fly back at your convenience.

Time is money… The bottom line is how much is your Company losing each year on longer than necessary journey times, or how much frustration do you or other business executives face trying to get to a customer? Aircraft hire is 100% tax deductible.

In summary, no Road Works, No Speed Restrictions, No Congestion, No Hassle! You travel freely at 140 mph. You sit, relax and enjoy the view, or prepare for your meeting in comfort. You save time and money. You are home in time for dinner with your family.

Assorted Tips For For Business Travelers |

Our web community of business flight attendants is always thinking of ways to make traveling easier. You have to when your job takes you away from home base for several weeks at a time! The following tips are for business as well as leisure travelers.

1. Ring Around the Collar Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by putting shampoo on them. Rub the
shampoo in as if you were washing your hair. Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils the “ingredient” of neck rings.

2. Removing Gum You can pick up just about anything on the soles of your shoes. Removing gum can seem like one of the most difficult things to do. The solution? Rub ice on the gum to harden it and then use a dull knife to remove the gum. The gum will come right off without damaging your soles.

3. Killing Flies Are there flying insects in your hotel room? Hair spray will kill flies and most other insects.

4. Drying Out Wet Magazines or Books Place paper towels on both sides of a wet page to absorb the moisture and prevent wrinkling.

5. Lingering Onion or Fish Smells on Hands Can’t get rid of onion or fish smells on your hands? Wet them, sprinkle them generously with salt, and rinse.