Choosing the Best Luggage For Business Travel |

When you travel for business, your luggage is as important as your tickets. Here are the top 10 tips for choosing the best luggage for business travel that will save you time and money.

Business travelers swear by the functionality of their easy-to-wheel luggage. They want it to have ample room, plenty of compartments and zippers, and a wheel-rolling system that will withstand hundreds of flights.

What to look for

Make sure that the zippers are industrial strength and not flimsy. They will need to survive being opened, closed and able to endure all sorts of weather. Yes, you don’t want zippers that will rust, tear, or lose their teeth, making it impossible to zip up your valuables.

Which luggage materials travel best and last the longest?

Genuine leather will last the longest. Ballistic nylon is a second choice. However, leather won’t tear and will get softer and more malleable with age. A leather bag can last forever if it’s made well.

What style of leather luggage is best for business travel?

Besides an over-the-shoulder carry-on or roll-aboard, you would do well to consider purchasing a leather garment bag or one that’s designed to hold suits and clothes that won’t easily get wrinkled. Depending upon the airline you’re traveling with, you can either hang the garment bag inside the plane, or you can fold it over, secure it, and check it with your other baggage.

Which is better – solid frame luggage or soft-sided luggage?

Check the frame of your luggage. That means look at the stitching, the seams, the finishing, and durability of the bag. If it looks like it will take lots of wear and tear, that’s a good thing. When in doubt, research the company, talk to the owner, or log into a travel chat room or forum and get experienced business travelers’ suggestions or recommendations.

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